Both School Bond

Does Hamtramck Public School Need the Money

Hamtramck Public Schools this year is finally turning a surplus. This year the surplus was marked as:

  • General Fund Surplus: $12,200,000
  • Sinking Fund Surplus: $47,000
  • Food Service Surplus: $350,300
  • Recreation Surplus: $952,700

This is a surplus of over $13,500,000 dollars. This would be more than enough to fix all the issues and also start with building the new proposed building, and if the city keeps the surplus going on a yearly basis we can finish building 2 buildings in a span of 2 years (130 million surplus in 10 years) if we continue the same level of management. Not will this achieve the desired results but will also reduce the burden on the tax payer. Keep in mind that we already are currently paying over a million dollars in the sinking fund a year, with that amount you can renovate so much, we just need accountability and a line by line item on where the money is being spent so we know where the waste is and cut it. That is what we hope the new superintendent will focus on and decide to do instead of increasing the tax burden on Hamtramck Residents and businesses.